Current Lead Artists Include
John Paul Granillo
Juan Lira
Jose Luis Chavez
Previous Lead Artists and Community Members Include
Kevin Pacheco
Pete Romero
Luis Pena
Beata Tsosie-peña
Scott Davis
Juan Esteban Tamayo
We are a collective of young artists in the community trying to raise money for murals depicting alternative histories. We are both local and transplanted artists trying to work with local youth in promoting mural arts, diverse histories and herstories. We wish to actively educate youth and adults in creating beautiful community driven art practices.  The money will go directly to the purchasing of supplies for murals in the regions of Santa Fe, Espanola, Las Vegas, New Mexico. We need some of the funds now to finish current projects and continue working on future projects. We believe murals and public art is the people’s art. It does not require an entrance fee to be a participant.  We are extremely grateful for all your contributions that will help bring critical dialogue and healing to these communities for years to come.